What are the Benefits of External Window Shutters?

What are the Benefits of External Window Shutters?


Your house and your family will experience a variety of benefits with the installation external window shutters. Exterior shutters not only offer aesthetic benefits they offer practical ones too. External window shutters usually come in two styles the protective and the decorative.

The protective exterior shutters are used to provide protection from different weather conditions such as heavy rain and storms combined with a modern, stylish design, whereas the decorative exterior shutters are non-operating and are only used for decorative purposes rather than protection, perfect if you want to add extra decoration to the outside of your home. Below is a list of benefits that are linked with external window shutters.

Additional Protection

External window shutters offer a certain amount of protection from the sun and the heat in summer and the wind and cold in the winter. Provide greater protection against extreme weather conditions. While hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes may not be big problems in the UK, external shutters can be useful for protecting the weaker windows found on many period properties, particularly if your location is particularly exposed, e.g. on the coast or at the top of a hill.

Extra Privacy

External window shutters offer a level of privacy. When the shutters are closed they protect you from nosy neighbours or passers-by, but can also be opened up to the angle you want, so you can choose the amount of light that will enter the room, giving you an element of light control.

Customised Designs

Exterior shutters are cuexternal window shuttersstom made to fit your windows, meaning you get all the benefits of an external shutter in a style and size of your choosing. With shutters you can have one shutter open and one closed if you choose, as they work individually, one from either side of the window frame.

Added Security

External window shutter often include a latch or lock so you prevent them from flying open or closed on windy days, they also add an extra layer of security as you are adding a second lock to your windows. External window shutters also make it more difficult for potential thieves to look inside your home when you’re not there, keeping your personal possessions protected.

Neat Appearance

Exterior shutters are more importantly aesthetically pleasing, the external window shutters open neatly to expose the full width of the window and they close to display the modern design of the shutter. Available in a wide range of styles. Choose solid board and batten shutters or ones with raised or recessed panels for a traditional look and feel, or pick a style with fixed louvers in the open, semi-open or closed position and paint in bright colours to achieve an airy, Mediterranean effect.

There are many benefits associated with external window shutters, to receive more information about external window shutters contact Shutter Design on 01423 359230 or visit Shutterdesign.co.uk to view a range of external window shutters.

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