The Benefits of Window Shutters

The Benefits of Window Shutters


Thanks to modern technology and a bespoke design process, there are numerous benefits of window shutters that customers can expect to enjoy. Window shutters, also known as louvered shutters or colonial shutters, represent a stylish, affordable, secure, low maintenance and flexible alternative to curtains, blinds and other window coverings. To view a brief guide on the different types of window shutters click here.

Privacy and perceived security

Window shutters are particularly suited to properties that have neighbouring streets or properties, the lower louvres of a shutter panel can be slanted closed, whilst the top section louvres slanted open. You can control the light in your property but your privacy is always maintained. Window shutters are also designed to close tightly in either direction, providing complete privacy and an added sense of security. When shutters are divided into sections, you also have the option of closing eye-level shutters while keeping upper panels open to allow light to enter the space. This flexibility allows you to maintain privacy while still maximising light control.

Sound and thermal insulation

The wooden barrier created with window shutter, insulates your room keeping warmth in during the winter therefore helping to reduce your heating bills. In the summer, opening your windows and keeping panels closed assists in keeping unwanted heat out, whilst allowing the air to circulate. In addition to reducing draughts and heat loss for better temperature control, window shutters also promote a quieter home, especially in noisy urban areas or when a house is located close to a busy road. Click here to view more information on choosing the right plantation shutters for you home.

UV protection and flexible light control

Shutter louvres can be angled to control how much light enters a room to the degree that damaging UV rays can be directed away in order to protect furniture and flooring. When more light is required, shutter panels can be fully opened to allow a clear view through the window. Unlike traditional window coverings, window shutters can be subdivided into separate sections. Each section can then be individually controlled, delivering complete light control. That means you can draw or close specific sections to control how much or how little light enters a space.

Investment and Desirability

Because interior window shutters are now such a desired window dressing, you should consider them a sound investment for your home. They can disguise unsightly windows and because they are a permanent fixture, they could help increase the potential price of your property. These sophisticated, must-have window furnishings are increasingly popular among homeowners and a sought-after feature for people looking to buy property. Since window shutters are permanent fixtures, they enhance a home’s desirability, their stylish look and refined finish also provide a ‘wow factor’ when entering a well-designed room. And with a range of prices to suit every pocket, buying shutters once can save you the expense of replacing curtains or blinds on a regular basis.

Low maintenance and health benefits

Compared to more traditional window coverings, interior window shutters require very little maintenance. Window shutters are perfect for those who suffer from allergies and want to avoid dusty environments. Traditional window coverings such as curtains often become dusty, creating a source of irritation for anyone suffering from dust allergies. Traditional window coverings such as curtains tend to generate a build-up of dust therefore creating the perfect breeding ground for dust mites which will negatively affect allergies. Unlike curtains, window shutters are easy to clean and maintain. With just a quick wipe with a cloth or duster, dust will not accumulate over time. You no longer have the hassle of having to take down curtains and have them washed.

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