Interior Colour Trends for 2016

Interior Colour Trends for 2016

Decorating your interior with fresh and vivacious patterns is fun, exciting but a little stressful at the same time. Choosing a colour scheme for a room or various rooms can be quite a challenge as what we like now, we may not like in the not too distant future. We understand the struggles of redecorating and the importance of being happy with your choice, so to relieve a few of your worries, we have compiled together the top two colour trends for 2016: Organic and Cleanse. 

Colour Palettes for the New Year


Bring the outside in with a range of natural tones. The environment contains a vast selection of warm inviting colours and textures from vibrant greens, root brown to metals and warm greys.

Inviting earthy tones into your colour palette opens up to complement a wide range of furniture materials. Introduce a weather wooden table with a sharp, angled metal chair. The contrast of natural tones and man-made materials can give your room an industrial feel or a bohemian flair.

An organic colour palette is not simply a selection or greens, browns and greys but all the colours or flowers, fruit and vegetables. A collection of natural, home-grown colours will create a tranquil and interesting space. A room should no simply be four walls and a sofa, but an experience, somewhere where you can go to relax or a space for entertaining.

To complete your space, add splashes of colour whether that is in the form of a rug, pillows or coloured wooden shutters. A small selection of vibrant natural colours will add a healthy glow to your space and create a warming environment. Add a few scented candles or diffusers as a finishing touch to bring the smell of the outdoors inside.



Create a white washed living space which resembles a blank canvas. A minimalist colour scheme will add drama to your room, emphasizing angles and shapes giving your room definition. White is simple, sophisticated and easy to accessorise.

White creates a brighter spaces which appears larger than it actually is.  If you find your room currently feels dark and dingy, then a lick of white paint will give it that new lease of life. With a combination of prints and patterns, a white washed room will complement each piece of furniture which you own.

A lack of staple colours creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. White wash also gives you the opportunity to create a focal wall, find a vibrant, subtle or solid colour design to use on one wall within your room to add drama.

Choose wooden shutters to complete the interior. Wooden shutters are ideal for creating a sophisticated space whilst giving you the ability to control how much light require. Wooden shutters are available in many colours, however for this interior palette, a light pine or pearl finish would complete the space.


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