Finding The Perfect Kitchen Stools

Finding The Perfect Kitchen Stools


Whether you’re looking for seating to complement your kitchen island unit or to accompany a purpose-built breakfast bar, we can help you pick the perfect kitchen stool to accompany your existing kitchen décor. Kitchen stools are both a popular style accessory and a wonderfully functional part of any kitchen. They provide casual seating, which helps set up the air of comfort and friendliness that makes your kitchen one of the most welcoming and cosy rooms in the house, therefore finding the perfect one is a necessity.

History and Anatomy of the Stool

A kitchen stools origins are lost in historical records all that is known is that almost every ancient culture has used them at one time or another, and they are still in use to this day. The basics of the stool are very simple, much like the table, the stool is a flat surface that is held up off the ground by three, or more often four, legs. Taller stools generally have cross-members near the bottom for stability, while shorter ones lack them. Most kitchen stools, like most bar stools, are of the taller variety, you can also purchase backless stools, armless stools and stools that can be adjusted to different heights depending on the preference desired.

Choosing the right size stool

When it comes to choosing a stool to suit a given kitchen, height is the single most important factor. It is what determines whether the stool will actually serve the intended purpose, and whether there is any point in purchasing it. Below is a sizing chart to help you choose the perfect stool height for your kitchen:

Sizes Short/Table Height Counter Height Bar Height Extra Tall
Surface Height 28-30″ 35-39″ 41-43″ 44-47″
Stool Height 16-23″ 24-27″ 28-33″ 33-36″


Consider the People Using the Kitchen Stools

Your new kitchen stools will be used on a regular basis, therefore choosing appropriately sized stools will benefit the person or people using them. You will possibly benefit from choosing a stool that can be regularly adjusted depending on the person using them. As a family with small children may be better served by lower stools and counters and those with a household made up of very tall people may be happier with a tall stool and counter for reasons of comfort.Sofa Kitchen Stools

Consider the Situation

If you are in the middle of a major kitchen renovation, you may have the luxury of deciding which height you want your counters to be, and thus be able to choose freely from the wide variety of stools and counters available. However, if you are limited to buying stools to fit an existing kitchen, you may be forced to go with a particular size range, regardless of your wishes. If so, you may find that children are more comfortable with kitchen stools near the top of a given size range, as their legs are shorter, while a large adult may be more comfortable with a stool that is slightly smaller than the average.


The moment you have determined the right height kitchen stool for your needs, buying the perfect piece is a simple matter. No one height is going to suit every person or every situation. Some people need taller stools, while others need shorter stools; the key is to decide which category you fall into before making a purchase. You must also make sure that the kitchen stools will fit with the existing design, as you don’t want to spend time and money finding a perfect stool that doesn’t fit well you’re your existing décor.

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