Dining Room Furniture: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Dining Room Furniture: The Ultimate Buying Guide


Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your house, it is where the memories are shared, food is eaten, drink is spilled, hugs are given and photos are taken. It needs to be decorated and filled to reflect this. Your dining table will need to be the correct size for your family and any extras that may come along. You may want to have a dinner party or a gathering, these need to be considered. Similarly with chairs, what type of character do you want your room to radiate; classic, homely or stylish? This guide will cover how to fully kit out your dining room so it can be that sociable room that it is intended to be.

A Guide to Buying Dining Room Furniture

Dining Tables

A dining table is the most significant part of furniture within a dining room. Wood is always the obvious choice as it is sturdy and hard-wearing, which is pretty essential when lots of bodies are sat around it. Are you a family that enjoys sitting around and everyone facing each other. If you are then there are a few round tables to choose from and even some expandable ones so you are safe if your family may have the possibility of growing in the future.

A round table signals togetherness and community, best suited for parties up to 6, otherwise the table will take up quite a large space and it’s quite hard to hear people over a large table. There are also round glass tables which provide an edge of sophistication.

The fruitwood range of tables bring a lot of character to a room with their elegant legs, given the wood table a softer finish, also available in extending sizes, so perfect for any size family. There are some beautifully industrial style tables made from reclaimed wood available, extremely study with a little extra love thrown in for good measure.

The oak tables are secure and all different as natural ingredients are impossible to replicate so every table is individual, available in square or round for more intimate meals and rectangle or extendable tables for special occasions.

Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs are your opportunity to add a bit of personality to your dining room. The great thing about chairs are that they don’t necessarily have to match, have a bit of fun with your designing. There are some great long wooden benches which are perfect for large families, special occasions and the best part is that you can slide them under the table when you’re finished. Also with benches, when the weather is nice, you can always take them outside for BBQ’s so they become multifunctional. The fruitwood chairs have the classic dining room style, curved, elegant edges that ooze history. The oak furniture is very simple yet sophisticated and hard wearing, with a range of different back designs, it can really add a bit of character to your dining room without being too bold.

Metal adds contrast and statement, if you want to make an impression, then choose metal. In shades such as chrome, blue and red, theses chairs will get everyone talking. There are a lot of fabric dining room chairs to choose from in an assortment of colours and patterns, they provide a pop of colour with the added comfort that you will want if you’re sitting down to a big meal. Keep in mind that if you need additional room that some of the chairs are stackable.



A sideboard is a piece of furniture used in the dining room traditionally for plate and cutlery storage and as an aid for serving food, which is why they all have flat tops. Most sideboards contain cupboards and also drawers. It is a good idea to introduce one into your dining room as it eases service of food and gives you somewhere to keep all of your plates stored away from the kitchen, perfect if you have smaller kitchen space.

As the front surface of the sideboard can be quite large with the cupboards, by adding a wooden unit, it can help to bring a look of character to a room. Try to choose woods that have a strong grain such as walnut, oak and timber, they create interesting shades and shapes. Alternatively if you have an open plan kitchen and diner then choosing a sideboard to complement the units you already have would look very appealing whilst bringing your rooms together at the same time. There are a lot of options when it comes to the combination of drawers and cupboards so have a look at your current storage situation and see which you prefer or which you are lacking. If you are getting a lot of storage with a sideboard, then it should be utilized to its full capability.

Kitchen Stools

Kitchens stools have become very desirable pieces of furniture as they exude sophistication and class. However choosing the perfect stool for you can be tough. They may look similar but there are few key things to consider regarding back and arm rests, material and positioning.

When it comes to back rests it depends on your posture and whether on regular chairs you find yourself using them. It is probably best to test run kitchen stools because the surface area to sit on is smaller, your comfort is at the upmost importance. There are a range of surfaces as well, as some stools come with cushioned seating and some plastic or metal.

Kitchen stools are perfect accessories for breakfast bars and kitchen islands, sitting on a kitchen stool is a lot more informal than sitting down at a dining table. If your kitchen is quite a neutral colour, then consider adding a pop of colour with a red stool. With most kitchen stools, the bases are reflective which can brighten up your kitchen.


Dining Cabinets

Dining cabinets are not restricted just to your dining room but can be used in the hallway, front room or bedroom as well. Many dining cabinets have a main display feature consisting of shelves with a mixture of wooden and glass doors so that the items can be displayed. General items that are usually displayed are ornaments, family photographs, personal achievements and decorative plates. However, let your imagination run wild. You could use the cabinet as an in-home bar with ornate glasses and expensive liqueur or trophies from your children’s’ sporting events.

Within dining cabinets you can have the choice of it containing just shelves or a combination of cupboards and drawers if you require the extra storage. When deciding on a dining cabinet consider décor which is already in the room such as other wooden objects if you choose to go down the wooden dining cabinet route as you will want the items to complement each other. It is also a good idea to measure your area beforehand to make sure that it fits in your desired location.

There are a wide variety of wooden dining cabinets varying from oak to pine to walnut. If you’re feeling classic then you could avoid wood and choose a glass cabinet, this item is a statement piece so make sure you have something to fill it with before you purchase. A dining cabinet is a good piece of furniture to buy if your room is looking a little bit empty. There are dining cabinets that are wider than tall, a glass wall unit can help divide a large room without adding the severity of a wall.

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