Choosing the Perfect Fire Surrounds for this Winter

Choosing the Perfect Fire Surrounds for this Winter

A Guide to Buying Fire Surrounds

A fire can instantly provide atmosphere to your living space but the right fire surrounds can really add sparks. For some reason fire surrounds aren’t very popular conversation topics to talk about with your friends so it is normal not to know a great deal about them. A fire surround protects your house and contains the fire. Apart from it being a safety procedure, fire surrounds are great focal points to add any living space and with a great range of materials, you options are endless.

Wooden Fire Surrounds

Wood is a very versatile material as it will complement any colour scheme. Have a look around your room where your fire is going and see if you already own any wood furniture, if you do it is best to pick a similar material as it will help bring your room together. Many wooden fire surrounds include mantel pieces which are ideal for placing any photos or ornaments.

With a wooden finish there are a lot of choices when it comes to which wood you prefer, if your room is currently wood-free then you can have your pick. As wood is a natural material, every grain will be slightly different giving you a unique piece every time. Usually the more variation in wood patterns and knots add to the character of a piece.

Oak is probably the most versatile of the woods as it comes in a range of shades. A lighter oak is more suitable for a contemporary space as it has a clean finish to it. A white wood fire surround would be perfect for a modern living area as white is notorious for complementing any colour. White wood would add simplicity to your room and would really make the colours from the fire vibrant.

wood-fire surrounds

Marble Fireplaces

Natural materials such as marble cannot be replicated so every fireplace is unique to each household. A marble fireplace will add warmth and ambience to your living space and with its luxurious texture it is sure to bring elegance. Marble is available in different shades and colours so will suit all interiors.

Caring for marble can be daunting at first but with the right products it is very simple. If you spill a drink or it starts to get dusty then try to clean it as soon as possible to maintain quality. Under the right care your marble fireplace can last a lifetime and with a wide price range it is suitable for most budgets. If marble alone isn’t grand enough for you then why not consider a marble fireplace with lights as they will enhance the burning fire.

marble-fire surrounds

Stone Fireplaces

Stone may not sound like a very exciting material, but when you have a look, you will realise that these aren’t your average bits of stone but beautiful pieces of art. With a large collection of designs, limestone will complement any home whether it be traditional or modern. Limestone will weather over time adding more character to your fireplace. This makes a stone fireplace an investment as it will improve throughout the years giving you a bespoke piece.

With stone you can choose to have them as simple or detailed as you like. If your room is already quite busy then a simple design will work well. Alternatively quite a simplistic room may need a bold feature with which a limestone fireplace would be able to shine.

sonte-fire surrounds

Electric Fire Suites

An electric fire suites has all the components to great a warming atmosphere in your house with minimal effort. Choosing an electric fire is a safer alternative than a log burning fire as there will be no sparks or ash from the fire. It is also the easier alternative if you are looking for the cosiness for a wood burning fire but don’t want the hassle then an electric fire suite is a perfect choice.

It is easy to maintain and on some occasions a cheaper alternative although you do need to consider a slight increase in your electricity bill. With there being no real fire present, you are able to pick and choose where you want your fire to go. Along any wall, any height up, you can really express your creativity. You may choose to keep it in the original chimney space to achieve the log burning effect.

Electric fire suites come in a range of designs from the classic mantel piece/chimney breast combination to rectangular boxes to place on your wall. These fire suites will suit any home as there is such a wide range of styles. Always have a look around your living space first to see what style and colour would best suit your area.


Health and Safety

Fires are a great source of warmth and add a lovely focal point to your living space however be careful with installation and up keep of the fires and fire surrounds. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer and it is produced from fires. Making sure your room is well ventilated is key to keeping you safe.

Make sure that you install the fire and surrounds correctly or call a professional else do it, carbon monoxide can leak through empty spaces making it a danger to you. Check that your chimney isn’t blocked as this will keep the carbon monoxide emissions within your household. A few precautions is all that is require to enjoy the benefits from a fire whilst keeping your family safe.

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