Buying Guide: Children’s Bedroom Furniture Edition

Buying Guide: Children’s Bedroom Furniture Edition

Getting started

First things first, remember to measure, there’s nothing worse than not being able to get your new furniture through the door of your child’s room after you have gone through the hassle of getting it up the stairs. It’s important to figure out how much room you have to play with before you go looking for children’s bedroom furniture.  If you are planning a full room makeover, or even if you are simply having a move around, it will help if you draw out a scaled room plan – that way you can try out lots of different set-ups. Make a list of items you have in mind for the room so you can plan what you need to buy and develop a budget from this. Once you know what children’s furniture you want to purchase and the measurements of the room, you need to think about the design. Start by thinking what sort of look you are going for:  Contemporary, traditional, themed, and neutral, etc.  Don’t forget to involve your little one, after all it is their bedroom and you want them to like it to.

Now you’ve established what sort of theme you want for your child’s room, think about the colour schemes.  Too many colours can make your child’s bedroom look untidy and hectic, less is often more and you should use accessories such as curtains or rugs to bring the room alive. Children’s bedroom furniture such as bedside tables, bookcases or children’s desks can really help to bring out an accent colour in the room. Accent colours are easier to change as your little one grows up rather than redecorating or having to completely replace all your children’s furniture. Quite often two colours will go really well together, like purple and green, or royal blue and orange.  It is a way of expressing your personality without sticking with pink for girls and blue for boys. A little tip, if you do go for bright colours in the décor, keep the furniture neutral – white or grey for example.

Before you start buying children’s bedroom furniture, you should think about what storage space you need.  A common mistake is to buy great looking furniture that is completely impractical.  As they grow so will the amount of clothes, toys, games and bedding you need to store, so make sure you also think ahead about what you need right now and what you are going to need in the future. Also, bear this is mind when you are looking at the style of furniture for your child, you don’t want to be replacing large, expensive items such as kid’s beds or wardrobes every year, so make sure you choose a design which will last for years. Why not look into buying a bed with built-in storage?

Choosing the bed and mattress

The children’s bed is quite often the centrepiece of the bedroom.  So, it’s usually a great place to start your furniture search.  You should make sure that the design of the bed fits with the look and feel you are trying to achieve. It’s important to consider the materials the bed is made from, particularly if you want the bed to last for years.  Quite often people just get taken with design and don’t think about what the bed is made from and how it is finished.  For example, wood based products will last longer than beds made from veneers or wood effect product.  Also find out about the finish your product has – does it have lacquer to help protect it?  Is it painted?  This will help you get an indication for the quality of the product and how long it is likely to last.

You may also want to consider a trundle bed (also known as a truckle or sleepover bed).  These children’s beds are designed to fit underneath the main bed and roll in/out as and when you need it.  A great way of saving space (and money) on a second bed if your children have friends to sleep over.  Don’t forget to check the mattress size for the trundle, some trundle beds require a slightly different sized mattress to make sure it tucks snug under the bed. Once you have your child’s bed chosen, you need to think about what mattress they will need.  Quite often the temptation is to go for the cheapest, which may be the right option, but just make sure you understand why it is the cheapest.  There are several things to consider, is the mattress coil sprung or pocket sprung?  A coil sprung mattress uses 1 piece of coil through the whole mattress whilst a pocket sprung uses individual coils resulting in less movement in the mattress when your little one gets restless at night.  Coil sprung is quite often a good option for single beds, pocket sprung just offers a little more support for growing little backs. You should also think about hypoallergenic mattress options.  This means the mattress has been treated in such a way to deter little dust mites from settling which have been known to bring on allergies such as asthma. Other factors include the upholstery it is made with and little things like, does it have handles which makes it easier to move?

The bedroom furniture

modern kids room






Once you have your bed then you are ready to choose your children’s bedroom furniture.  A child’s room should be their comfort zone where they can retreat to play, sleep, do homework, and learn. Naturally, parents should find hard-wearing bedroom furniture that fits the room and meets the needs of the child. Children focus more on aesthetics than anything, but it is possible for parents to find fun children’s bedroom furniture that they also love. Unless you intend to purchase a children’s bedroom furniture set, you must decide on a theme. Putting a bunch of random furniture in the room can create an untidy atmosphere that confuses rather than relaxes. Creating a peaceful décor with black or white bedroom furniture is simple and gives a hassle free process. In some cases, specialty pieces come in unique colours, such as pink or blue, which may delight the child. However, since the tastes and interests of children change constantly, sticking with traditional furniture may be the best.

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