Are Window Shutters Environmentally Friendly?

Are Window Shutters Environmentally Friendly?

Choosing to take an eco-friendly approach to your home not only benefits the environment, but can also save you money in the long term. Window shutters are well known for being environmentally friendly as they offer a range of eco-friendly benefits that will help you improve your carbon foot print. By choosing the most effective window coverings for your home, you can help keep your energy and maintenance costs down, and contribute to making your home greener.

What Do Window Shutters Offer?

Plantation style window shutters, which are made from timber or PVC, can last for up to 20 years without replacement. Importantly, shutters don’t need to be removed to be cleaned, and require only a light dust or vacuum every week or so. Window shutters simply don’t attract the maintenance costs associated with other window coverings, such as water, washing liquid and repair costs. This ease of maintenance will help to reduce your carbon footprint and save you time. Fabric curtains and venetian blinds will last from two to eight years, depending on the materials they are made from and how well they’re maintained. Fabric curtains require regular washing, either by hand or in the washing machine, in order to prevent dust and dirt from damaging the fabric. Fabric curtains can also absorb unpleasant odours from around the home, evidently meaning that frequent washing will lead to a higher energy use therefore having negative impacts upon the environment.

A further environmental benefit of plantation shutters is their fantastic insulating properties. Not only can you save money on heating; you won’t need a fan during the summer as shutters are also very effective at keeping interiors cool meaning your energy bills will decrease and so will your carbon footprint meaning you have an energy-efficient home.

You can also reduce your carbon footprint by choosing window shutters from local suppliers. At Shutter Design, the most eco-friendly window coverings are the Vancouver, Phoenix and Seattle ranges:

  • The ‘Vancouver’ range of plantation window shutters are made from cedar hardwood supplied by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. The wood is either replanted after harvesting or taken from designated, carefully managed forest areas. Cedar is one of the most used timbers in the world as a result it is farmed in well managed forests.
  • The ‘phoenix’ is a very fast-growing hardwood, and as such is ideal for farming in managed plantations. The attractive grain is reminiscent of oak but with much less growing time needed, it’s much more sustainable. Phoenix hardwood is grown in subtropical areas of the southern USA, China and Japan so has to be imported to the UK meaning it has a high amount of air miles.
  • The “Seattle” range is arguably the most eco-friendly product because no trees are cut down to make them. They are constructed from a laminated veneered lumber core (typically basswood strips that are off cuts not suitable for use elsewhere). These are laminated together with epoxy making a light strong core surrounded by LDF and sealed in a polymer outer coating.

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Based in York, Shutter Design supplies high quality, made-to-measure plantation shutters to customers throughout the North of England. To arrange a free consultation or for further information on their most eco-friendly window coverings, call them today on 01423 359230 or visit Shutter Design today.

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