Are Stressless Recliners Worth the Investment?

Are Stressless Recliners Worth the Investment?

Ekornes are known as the ‘innovators of comfort’. They design products based on the needs of the human body and continue to develop the most intuitive and beautiful comfort technology. However whether or not Stressless recliners are worth the investment is an ever growing concern. Stressless recliners are available in a range of models, sizes and colours with prices beginning at £1000 and rising to £3000.

What Sets Stressless Apart From the Rest?

Stressless recliners have a range of positive features that sets them apart from other brands such as La-Z-Boy UK and Relaxateeze. Ekornes manufacture products based on extensive engineering and tireless research, resulting in the Stressless recliners being unlike anything else on the market. But does that make the investment worth-it? Well when you see the extensive range of features included within the Stressless recliner the investment does seem somewhat worth it.

When it comes to the engineering of the Stressless recliner range you get nothing but the best. One of the main assets of the Stressless Recliner range is the innovative movement technology. The chair has endless possibilities in reclining and also features a head rest that tilts forwards as the chair reclines, giving you optimal comfort and lumbar support. The head rest can also be released to drop back to a straight position, becoming perfect for catching forty winks. Each recliner has a 360 degree swivel meaning the base and chair can rotate a full 360 degrees resulting in a free range of movement. The Stressless recliners also have an easy glide recline built within them, this engineering is a responsive, tension adjusting mechanism which responds to the users particular body weight and shape rather than using a button or lever which most other brands use. The Stressless range also features ‘comfort zones’, these are layers of foam with perforations within them, they help to guide your body in to the chairs sweet spot for ultimate relaxation. When it comes to deciding whether the investment is worth it, you can see that the dedicated engineering results in a recliner that offers the ultimate comfort and unrestricted movement making the price tag a little less discouraging.

Looking at the aesthetics of the Stressless recliners the options are never ending. Looking at leathers, Stressless only use the highest of quality including Batick, Paloma, Cori and Royalin leather. All Ekornes Stressless products are available in a variety of upholsteries and woods, depending on which Stressless product you choose. With such a broad range of possibilities and combinations, it’s easy to create something that suits your personal needs and tastes. Stressless chairs are designed to hug you in all of the right places, they ensure ensures a personalized fit by offering many of their recliners in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The right size for you will be determined by your height and comfort needs. With such an extensive range of Stressless recliners available, the price tag becomes a little less daunting, as you are guaranteed to receive a Stressless recliner that has been specifically designed for you.

Purple stressless recliners

So Are Stressless Recliners Worth The Investment?

Every material, dimension, angle and texture used within the Stressless range has been chosen with comfort in mind. But the real difference in comfort comes from the fact that the furniture Ekornes produce is the smartest furniture in the world. Nothing cultivates the optimal seating environment quite like reliable support. Ekornes have manufactured the distinctive ‘Plus’ system – a functional skeleton of springs which interprets your body’s movements as you change positions to provide increased lumbar reinforcement having features that are distinctive to the Ekornes brand. It may seem a large investment to begin with but the quality of the product makes the price tag more manageable. Stressless recliners are made using the best quality materials and top level engineering, inevitably meaning that the price you pay effects the quality of the product and with the Stressless brand from Ekornes you are paying for their innovative designs and the quality of the overall product.



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