A Buying Guide for TV Units

A Buying Guide for TV Units


TV Units are no longer just used for your television. They can be used for game consoles, games, DVD’s, sound systems and much more. The first thing to do is decide what you are wanting to put in or on your TV unit. If you are a fan of films then it may be better suited to look at cabinets with drawers or shelves.

TV Units are available in all shapes, sizes and materials. Have a look at your room and see what colour scheme or wood furniture you have already and choose a unit that will complement your room. This guide will take you through brands and designs so you can make an informed decision on choosing the ideal TV unit to suit you.

Different Types of TV Units

Corner TV stand

Corner stands are great at utilising a smaller space as they can fit into little nooks which would usually be left empty. By placing your TV on a corner stand, you will be able to watch from more angles. Placing your sofas in an ‘L’ shape will create a cosier atmosphere. Many corner TV Stands come with additional storage such as shelves and drawers which are great for homing your DVD collection. Wood is a great material for use in a corner TV stand as the grain from the wood will look great from all angles.

Cantilever TV stand

A cantilever TV stand usually has two shelves at the bottom and a spine coming up the back onto which you mount your TV. For those of you who like the idea of mounting your TV but don’t want to drill holes into your walls then this is perfect, especially if you are living in rented accommodation.

This stand is perfect for those who like to move things around every couple of months. It is a sophisticated look and gives you that extra space on the top shelf where your TV would usually stand. These cabinets are available in multiple colours but the key colours to choose would be either black or white as they can work with any colour scheme that is already in your space. Cantilever stands come in a range of materials such as wood and glass. Check the weight restrictions with these stands as it uses as floating shelf design so make sure it can hold your electronics.

Drawer unit

Owning a TV can ultimately end with you accumulating DVD’s and games if you have a games console. Stacking up DVD’s around your TV can look untidy and sometimes you don’t want people to see what you’ve been watching so a unit with drawers is the perfect solution. You can keep DVD’s in your drawer and keep the outer area looking spacious.

Drawer units are also ideal for keeping game consoles hidden if you only use them every so often. If you find yourself often losing the remote control, by keeping it in a drawer when you’re finished will shave hours of your search and make watching TV that little bit easier. Browse through different designs to see how many drawers or shelves you need as if you have a small space, any extra storage is a plus.

Glass units

Glass units are a great for smaller spaces as the transparency tricks the mind into believing there is more available space. These units tend to be great value for money so you should really compare units to see what differences there are. As glass units tend to be open, they allow full use from all angles when it comes to plugging in game consoles. On the back end of that it makes cables visible which could look untidy and potentially a trip hazard.

The open design keeps the unit ventilated to avoid overheating for your electricals. Glass units will add sophistication to your area however may not be suitable for a more traditional home as it may look out of place with older pieces of furniture. These units require a little more upkeep as dust is more visible with glass than other materials.


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