5 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

5 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger


Sometimes the best things in life come in small packages. Think about it, a diamond ring only comes in a tiny box. Start thinking of your small room as a diamond ring, a hidden gem. Get excited about your room, here you can be creative and challenge yourself. Design and function are key, is it a bedroom, study or dining room? Do you need specific furniture in this room at all times such as a bed, desk, or dining table? Once you have decided the quintessential items you can work around them and create a stunning space. 

Top Tips on How to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

1. Colours & Prints

There are many ways to add colour to your room, the obvious being on the walls. White and neutral colours will brighten up your space, especially white walls and ceilings will make your room appear taller and less crowded. Rugs are a great way to add a pop of colour and break up your floor space by adding a focal point. When choosing a rug for a small space look for plain colours and small prints. Cushions are fantastic as they take up little to no room but add character to any space and are super comfy for lounging with on the sofa. Just because you have a small space, don’t feel you have to keep it plain, introduce a piece of wall art to give your room character, choose a large piece and then focus your room around this.



2. Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are very versatile objects, you can go large, small, round, or square. It is common knowledge that mirrors reflect light but they also cause a reflection so choose something in your room as a focal point and then place your mirror around that item. This will give your room the illusion of depth.  Another good placement is to place the mirror opposite a window giving the illusion of another window, doubling your view, perfect for any room, especially bedrooms. Placing a mirror above a glass object will give extra light and the appearance of a more open area.

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3. Storage Solutions

Try and de-clutter your small space but if you can’t bear to part with anything then why not add some nifty storage solutions. The addition of bookcases will make the room appear taller. Don’t be afraid to take your storage horizontal, extensive shelves will give the illusion that your room is wider than it is. Transforming one wall into a series of shelves will add depth to a room. If you choose items for your shelves which complement your room colour scheme, this will improve the flow of your space. Perhaps you would prefer to tidy away your extras so consider adding storage drawers. These can be multifunctioning as they can be used as side tables for placing ornaments and coffees. Having areas to put books and items on will also free up your floor space.

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4. Glass

A quick solution is switching furniture to glass versions where possible. Glass tables are perfect for small rooms as they will reflect the natural light. Their transparency gives the illusion of an open space and will make your room appear less cluttered. Glass dining furniture makes the room appear empty at a glance and will make the interior look a lot cleaner. Glass isn’t for everyone as it is a material which is a little more challenging to keep in good condition but, if you can, it really does add that extra light and space that would make the difference to a small space. Placing a glass console table under a mirror would complement the area and be perfect for placing decorative pieces or even applying make-up if placed in the bedroom.

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5. Fold it up

Extendable and fold down tables are perfect for areas which need extra space but are not used all the time. They are very easy to extend so only extend when necessary. When they are at their smaller size they can still be used. These tables are essential for small spaces such as dining rooms, you can keep holding your large dining parties without losing living space the rest of the time. If the extendable table doesn’t take your fancy then have a look at some nest tables, ideal for coffee and cake when the ladies come around and can be minimalized easily. Nest tables can be multifunctional because they are so handy to move, use as a side table or a coffee table. You could add a cushion for it to be used as additional seating. It is important to consider how you would use it when choosing the material of the table, if you would use it for seating, oak would be a good choice with it being more secure.



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